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about mackenzie + mēnē cyclical wellness

Mackenzie St.Laurent [she/her] is a menstrual wellness counsellor/educator/advocate dedicated to bridging the gap between what's available and what's possible for people with and without menstrual cycles.



Mackenzie has known menstrual illness intimately, having experienced 'Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder' + painful periods since the onset of her cycle. Her lived experience navigating the medical system that was failing her at every turn, she was led her to do her own research. What she learned inspired her to shift career paths and to invest in the belief that her period wasn't the problem. She became the person she needed when she was 13, navigating menstrual challenges in shame + silence.


What she needed was someone she could turn to who could offer guidance and understanding, someone to encourage her to truly listen and get curious about the 'why' behind her symptoms, rather than perpetuating the belief that her menstrual cycle was against her. Someone who actually knew about the intricacies of the menstrual cycle across the lifespan. She needed options that didn't start and end with birth control.

In the time since her first period and now, she has completed her psychology degree from the University of Victoria and pursued further education in Wellness Counselling at Rhodes Wellness College.


What she learned over these years, along with her holistic upbringing and dedicated exploration of traditional healing practices, Mackenzie began to wonder how things might change if she started to listen to her 'symptoms' the way we are encouraged to listen to our emotions. Tuning into body wisdom instead of trying to silence it.

Turns out, the cycle has a lot to say. Through building a relationship with her own cycle, her emotions and her pain, Mackenzie found a way forward that finally made sense, and is dedicated to guiding others to do the same. 

Mēnē Wellness was borne out of a need and a dream.


A need for there to be more options available for menstrual support than what the current medical system has to offer.


Mēnē is a hub that celebrates and works towards menstrual ease and cyclical wellness for all bodies.


That celebrates the cycle and everything it entails. [There is nothing to fix and everything to learn] 


That has nothing to do with fertility [which is super rad but there's so much more!]


That is inclusive of all menstrual experiences, whether you are on contraception, have an irregular cycle, are going through perimenopause/menopause, hormone replacement therapy, transitioning, queer. You are welcome here. 

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