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all of you is welcome here


menstrual wellness counselling is a holistic approach to our emotional and physical health, putting the wisdom of the cycle at the forefront. 

INITIAL ASSESSMENT - TAKING STOCK - a longer session to go over your health history, get a better idea of what challenges you're currently facing and a chance to define your goals for our time working together. 

IN SESSION - CHECKING IN - a space to receive emotional support, share what's coming up for you, work through any challenges [a luteal phase fight with your partner perhaps]. we will check in to see what's working and what's not. 

BETWEEN SESSION - WHERE THE REAL MAGIC HAPPENS - you will receive a wellness plan post session with tools + resources to support all aspects of your life as well as ongoing e-mail support for those times where you have a question you need answered asap. 


- premenstrual syndrome + premenstrual dysphoric disorder

- IUD removal or insertion

- irregular and painful periods

- disordered eating

- anxiety/depression

- hormonal acne

- burnout

- insomnia

- times of transition


- internal family systems/parts work

- somatic 

- polyvagal theory

- attachment theory

- trauma-informed

- person-centered

- gender inclusive

- accessibility

"Mackenzie has always felt like a soft place to land to. She naturally exudes a gentleness that feels safe and has a curiosity and presence that feels genuine. Mackenzie has allowed me to feel like my rambles are necessary and important. She brings forward unconditional kindness to self that I've had the privilege of witnessing and learning from. Mackenzie naturally brings a sweetness into the space that is necessary and she is fully there with you and it is 100% felt."

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